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Discomfort in the Digital Age

Life happens digitally.

Whether you’re working from home, connecting with family members, or relaxing with your favorite show, we all depend on the screens of our phones, tablets, computers, and televisions to make it happen.

But all this connectivity isn’t without some caveats, and one of the most common is digital eye strain. At InVision Family Eye Care, we can help manage your uncomfortable digital eye strain symptoms with unique strategies we can tailor to your needs.

Find out how we can help and visit us for an appointment today.

Defining Eye Strain

Eye strain isn’t that uncommon. In fact, many of us have experienced eye strain at one point or another.

The issue occurs when you spend a long time focused on a single task, like reading, writing, or driving. When we work for these extended periods, your eyes may not blink as much as they should to help keep your eyes hydrated. As a result, your eyes can become uncomfortable, red, irritated, and watery.

Digital eye strain occurs when we spend too much time focusing on a digital device, but other factors may contribute to your symptoms. These factors can include screen brightness, workplace ergonomics, room lighting, screen glare, and more.

Achieving the Comfort You Deserve

Because eye strain is so common, there are numerous ways you can alleviate the symptoms.

While some may want to look into strategies like eye drops, sometimes taking a small break could provide all the relief you need to get back to work, like spending 20 seconds every 20 minutes to look at something 20 feet away.

However, frequent eye strain symptoms could be a sign of a more significant problem, like dry eye. If your eyes feel uncomfortable on a regular basis, it might be time to book an eye exam to see how our team can help alleviate your symptoms.

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