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If you or someone you know is experiencing an eye emergency, please contact our team immediately. 

We can help manage most emergencies, but we may recommend visiting your nearest emergency room for some severe emergencies. Our team will be able to help determine what type of treatment you need.

If our office is closed at the time of your emergency, please visit your nearest emergency room.

Happen, But We’re Here to Help

No matter the emergency, our team is here to preserve your vision. Please call us immediately if you or someone you know:

  • Develops a black eye
  • Experiences sudden eye pain
  • Sees flashes or floaters
  • Gets chemicals in the eye
  • Suddenly develops blurry or double vision
  • Develops sudden red eyes
  • Has a particle stuck in the eye
  • Experiences sudden vision loss

Certain eye diseases, like angle-closure glaucoma and wet macular degeneration, can cause sudden emergency symptoms like eye pain, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and sudden vision loss.

Protect Your Eyes

Wearing the right eye protection can prevent 90% of all eye-related emergencies.

InVision Family Eye Care proudly carries a range of protective eyeglasses perfect for sports, worksites, and beyond.

Our brands use highly durable materials tested for various situations, ensuring you have the protection you need to see safely. Our bands include:

Visit us today or book an eye exam to see how we can further support your vision.

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